How are you carrying your reusable cup?

Our story

It started watching disposable coffee cups pile up in a bin in Waterloo station.   So many cups!  After carrying our reusable coffee cups (and water bottles) EVERYWHERE, we know that a cup rattling around in the bottom of your bag can get icky.  So we designed a bag with TWO pockets, so you can carry your favourite reusable cup,
and your favourite water bottle. 

We are trying to ensure that s.mug is as zero waste as possible, so we are working with RePack for our delivery packaging.  Once you receive your order, simple pop the delivery envelop in the post (for free) and it will be used again and again.  And, once Repack receives your delivery packaging, you will get discounts on other cool shops using RePack. 
Learn more about RePack here.

And finally, we are committed to giving back at least 10% of our revenues to charity.  So for each full price bag we sell, £2.50 is donated to eco charities.  More on our website.

Go ahead #getsmug.

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